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Come and join our fast growing community of AI enthusiasts who are sharing tips, tricks and their art in our community Discord.


Our community channels include Free access* to various AI Art creation bots:

  • Midjourney (most popular)
  • Pixelz AI
  • Wombot

There are many channels where you can just hand out with other like minded people, you will also find information about upcoming AI Art workshops and Twitter Spaces that we host.

*free access is limited by the provider after certain number of free credits you may be asked to a pay to use their service.

Premium Access

Those who own our art creations from projects the Symms, Bubble Beasts, The End NFT and Future Shamanism NFT Collections. You gain Premium access to Discord channels to connect and chat amongst other holders of this art.

Make sure you verify via #vulcan-verify channel, it only takes a minute and you only need to do it once.