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We know it has been a long time since our last official update. Harmeet and I have been working in the shadows to come up with a viable way forward for Artium AI and the Symms. One thing that has become obvious in the past weeks is that AI-generated Art has well and truly arrived and is not going anywhere soon.

This is an actual passion project for us, and our vision is to make Artium AI a hub for Artists, Collectors and AI Art Enthusiasts. A place to grow, learn and create together.

Launching the Symms in the middle of a bear market was challenging to say the least, but compared to other projects, we are still doing quite well. We are at 209 minted.

Here is our plan moving forward:

Your access pass to the world of AI Art and Artium Projects.

Artium AI Pass


  • Allowlist Access at Discount prices to all future collections
  • Access to Special Channels on Discord:
    • Alpha Channel – Only accessible for Pass Holders
    • AI Art Help & Resources Channel
    • Curated AI Art Content
  • Gated Content on Artium AI Website
  • Early preview of Upcoming Artium Collections
  • Access to AI-Art Workshops & Workshop Recordings
  • Access to exhibit at Half-Yearly Metaverse AI-Art Exhibitions
  • Special Giveaways and Access to WL Spots for Partner Projects
  • Free Airdrops
  • Access to Special Google Collab Notebooks and AI Art generation Bots

The Artium AI Pass will launch on the 25th of November.

Pre-Sale – Free mint for:

  • Holders of 1 or more Symms NFTs 
  • Holders of 1 or more Future Shamanism NFTs
  • Holders of 1 or more Bubble Giants NFTs
  • Holders of 10 or more Bubble Beast NFTs
  • Holders of 5 or more “The End” NFTs

Snapshot will be taken on the 23rd of November 2022

Public Sale – 26th of November – Price 0.05 ETH (Max 1 Per Wallet)

We are super excited for this next stage of Artium. Thank you for your ongoing encouragement and support.


Harmeet and Alex