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Our very first competition kicked off last week and we had so many wonderful submissions that it was hard to decide the winner. The theme this week was “Astronaut in Space” and the comp ran for a week. 

Alex and myself were somewhat unprepared but pleasantly surprised to see the many entries we got and how many winners we’d pick from the comp. In the end, we decided that 3 winners was necessary to recognise the effort people put in publishing their artwork created using AI.

First place went to the creator of the above image @sujumayas who created this wonderful art (above) showing an astronaut on the edge of this infinite portal. 

All three winners received NFT art as prize from Artium AI projects

1st Place Prize – A Genesys Symm & an Edition 2 Symm to @sujumayas for the awesome astronaut tumbling towards infinity

2nd Place Prize – A Gensys Symm goes to @Amyra 🙂

3rd Place Prize – A BubbleBeast goes to @gordysane

Second place went to @amyra for the above piece

The astronaut trying to fight against the gravitational pull of the sun as he hurdles towards it to face his unfortunate demise.  

The final 3rd place went to @gordysane who produced this gritty yet intriguing image of this astronaut wearing his space suit covered in some colourful flowers. 

We will have a new theme each week and incredible prizes so make sure you join our Discord server to discover the latest competition (look for #competitions channel) to checkout all the entries and weekly themes.


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