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Competition Winner – Astronaut in Space

Competition Winner – Astronaut in Space

Our very first competition kicked off last week and we had so many wonderful submissions that it was hard to decide the winner. The theme this week was "Astronaut in Space" and the comp ran for a week.  Alex and myself were somewhat unprepared but pleasantly surprised...

Introducing Artium AI Pass

We know it has been a long time since our last official update. Harmeet and I have been working in the shadows to come up with a viable way forward for Artium AI and the Symms. One thing that has become obvious in the past weeks is that AI-generated Art has well and...

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Come and join our fast growing community of AI enthusiasts who are sharing tips, tricks and their art in our community Discord. Join Discord Community Our community channels include Free access* to various AI Art creation bots: Midjourney (most popular)Pixelz AIWombot...

WEB 3.0 Access

Artium AI is a community of passionate AI Art enthusiasts, creators & collectors, celebrating, appreciating, sharing and learning from each other. Enjoy the variety of information, art and take part in our weekly competitions. Artium AI also incorporates...

AI Art is here to stay, so might as well join this revolution. Artium AI provides the same and open forum for anyone to learn and grow in this space.



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